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Opinion| The Egyptian Market and Electric Cars

The move is also to reduce the consumption costs of these cars and to provide hard currency, as well as to eliminate subsidies on current fuel. As electric cars are not subject to frequent breakdowns, the move can also prevent long-term customers from being exposed to fluctuating fuel prices.

Yasser Sabry

Egypt issues decision to import used electric cars

Minister of Trade and Industry Tarek Kabil issued a decree to allow the importation of used vehicles that work by electric motor (electric cars), except motorcycles, on condition of no more than three years from the year of production to the date of shipment or ownership. The minister explained in a press statement on Saturday …

Daily News Egypt

Norway tops global sales of electric cars

Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles have exceeded half of all new registrations in Norway over the past 12 months. The new record was aided by generous subsidies and privileges enjoyed by EV owners.Electric and hybrid vehicles combined accounted for more than half of all new cars sold in Norway last year (52 percent), confirming …

Deutsche Welle

How electric cars take over oil-rich Norway

With more than 100,000 electric cars already on the road, oil and gas-rich Norway aims to phase out fossil fuel cars altogether by 2025. Can it be done? Lars Bevanger reports from Oslo.A measly 321 electric cars were registered in Norway in 2007. By the end of last year there were more than 100,000 of …

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