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Latest in Tag: electric vehicles

Local component in Egypt cars increases to 65% at Cairo Rally for Electric Vehicles

The third season of Cairo Rally for Electric Vehicles has witnessed an increase in the local component of Egyptian cars to 65%, with 35% of the participating vehicles’ components were manufactured by the engineering students who took part in the competition. Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, inaugurated the rally which …

Dina Mohamed

BMW first brand to officially launch electric vehicles in Egypt

The Bavarian Auto Group (BAG), BMW and Mini’s exclusive dealership in Egypt, became the first brand to launch electric vehicles (EVs) in Egypt. BAG completed the preparations to introduce a new generation of cars to keep pace with international markets. The most prominent preparations made by the group for customers are the completion of the …

Mohamed Al-Roubi

Will Egypt join dawn of electric vehicles? 

A boom in electric vehicles (EVs) is spreading across the globe nowadays. The number of EVs on the world’s roads is increasing rapidly, with China, Europe, and the US at the forefront in terms of the increasing number of policy and business incentives. China already has 200m electric two-wheelers and 300,000 electric buses on its …

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