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FRA launches electronic registry of movable securities

The Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) has officially launched the electronic registry of movable assets that enables micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs to obtain additional financing for their projects by leveraging equipment and machines they own or what they intend to buy. Mohamed Omran, FRA chairperson, said at a press conference that Egypt was the …

Daily News Egypt

Dr.WEEE: Egypt’s latest vision for e-waste management

Maybe it’s broken and cannot be fixed. Maybe it costs more to maintain than to replace. Or maybe it’s just old and you have bought a newer model. Either way, what do you do with electrical and electronic goods once you decide to get rid of them? Here comes Dr. WEEE, a company specialised in …

Hisham Salah

A solution for Egypt’s fuel crisis?

The recurring petrol and diesel crises have left Egypt’s streets paralysed and the people angry. Despite the continuity of the diesel crisis throughout the past months, the petrol crisis is primarily affecting Egyptians from middle and upper classes, a phenomenon unprecedented on the current scale. The government has promised the crisis will end once the new smartcard system is in effect. The Daily News Egypt reviews the new system and asks people about the system’s feasibility and convenience to their needs.

Sarah El Masry

Information Technology specialists demand that the government pay attention to management of electronic waste (AFP Photo)

IT specialists call on government to address ‘electronic waste management’

By Mohamed Fawzy Specialists have confirmed the current timing proposing a technical report on the Electronics Waste Management Administrationis appropriate, saying that the proposal should be included in a comprehensive plan addressing all issues related to electronics recycling. Sources estimated that 500 thousand computers and accessories including calculators, printers and scanners, need to be recycled …

Daily News Egypt

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