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Latest in Tag: embassy

BREAKING: Saudi closed Libya embassy, evacuates diplomats

AFP – Saudi Arabia closed its embassy in Tripoli on Monday and evacuated all its diplomats over “security” concerns in Libya, the SPA state news agency reported. The Saudi ambassador to Libya Mohammed Mahmud al-Ali told SPA the kingdom’s consulate in Libya was also closed “due to the current circumstances and the security situation.” He said all diplomats in …

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Kidnappers seize Egypt diplomat in Libya: ministry

AFP – Kidnappers seized an Egyptian diplomat in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Friday, Libya’s foreign ministry said. The diplomat was snatched from his house in Tripoli by an unknown group, Libyan foreign ministry spokesman Said Lassoued told AFP. Lassoued said Libyan authorities were making “efforts to find the diplomat,” adding “reinforced security measures have been put …

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