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Review: Op-Eds chide authority for using violence

After the recent video clip showing ¬†an Egyptian man being beaten and dragged by security forces, several commentaries have exposed the issue of human rights violations in Egypt. Many writers pointed fingers at the executive authority, blaming it for the widespread violence. Several columnists believe that the authorities should end the practice of violence to …

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Review: Op-Ed pages denounce Morsy and his speech

After President Mohamed Morsy‚Äôs speech declaring a state of emergency in three Canal cities on Sunday, many writers have criticized his performance amid the current crisis. Alaa Al-Aswany Why does Morsy kill Egyptians? Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper Morsy cannot claim that all those who demand his departure are only remnants of the old regime, Al-Aswany states. …

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Iran, emergency law, Shafiq‚Äôs flight and Morsy’s performance

The prospect of the return of the hated emergency law, issues surrounding scientific research in Egypt and more specifically the Zewail City and Nile University projects, Shafiq’s flight and Morsy’s performance; these are the domestic issues concerning columnists. Further afield, Morsy’s recent trip to Tehran continues to attract the attention of columnists, most who think …

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Egypt to partially lift emergency rule

CAIRO: Egypt’s military ruler said the country’s decades-old state of emergency will be lifted on Wednesday except in cases of fighting "thuggery," but human rights groups slammed the move as cosmetic. "I have taken a decision to end the state of emergency, in all parts of the country, except in fighting acts of thuggery, starting …


Experts denounce emergency law extension

CAIRO: Experts denounced the extension of the emergency law, deeming it a violation of human rights in a symposium held at the Cairo Institute For Human Rights Studies last Sunday. “The emergency law is a violation for the rights and freedoms and its extension is a tool in the hands of the authorities to force …


No sign Egypt will lift emergency law before vote: US

CAIRO: Egypt’s military rulers on Tuesday assured US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta they will lift a controversial emergency law but gave no sign they will do so before parliamentary elections next month, US officials said. In a visit to Cairo on Tuesday, Panetta renewed Washington’s appeal to scrap the security law and said he was …


Egypt army says emergency law valid until 2012

CAIRO: Egypt’s military said on Wednesday that the country’s decades-old emergency law is designed to be in place until June 2012 as decreed by law, but left the door open to having it lifted or amended. "The emergency law is ongoing and valid until June 2012, according to the law," said General Adel Mursi, the …


Hundreds march to Cabinet against emergency law

CAIRO: Hundreds marched Monday from Tahrir Square to the nearby Cabinet headquarters in protest at the recent activation of emergency law clauses. Protesters gathered in Tahrir at 4 pm and started the march at 5 pm. As the numbers approached 1,000, the crowd had effectively blocked traffic by the time the march reached Cabinet on …