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$400m investments expected for entrepreneurship sector in 2016

Capital is intelligent, said CEO of KI Angel venture capital fund Khaled Ismail, as it always goes to the opportunities that will achieve rapid growth. He added that in 2011, many entrepreneurs and creative thinkers emerged, and, in turn, capital began to be made available to pump investments in these companies. “Capital always turns up …

Daily News Egypt

Entrepreneurship suffers neglect of local media marketing

  CEO and Co-Founder of Drbridge, Amir Barsoum, believes the field of entrepreneurship is one of the most critical sectors for investment, since they give chances for ideas with potential success. He said there aren’t any large investments in this sector in Egypt since there must be many success stories to attract foreign investment. For …

Daily News Egypt

Inclusive entrepreneurship

  Gedety was too good to be true. Yasser El Zahhar, its founder, had the idea to start a social business that would employ non-working Egyptian women to make products that working Egyptian women could use to make quick, but healthy meals for their families. All he would need to do is buy his agricultural …

Iris Boutros

Young entrepreneurs find training at Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement

By Amir Makar CAIRO: Young students and fresh graduates willing to work on development projects and with civil society are able to find the necessary skills and training at the Youth Leadership Program, provided by the Amerian University in Cairo’s Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement. Quoting the Gerhart Center’s website, the YLP offers young …


Capital shrugged

By Mark Spitznagel LOS ANGELES: Capitalism’s greatest strength has been its resiliency — its ability to survive the throes and challenges of crises and business cycles to fuel innovation and economic growth. Today, however, more than four years into a credit crisis, a conspicuous enigma calls this legacy into question. Despite recent hopes of recovery in …


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