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Top reasons startups fail

Entrepreneurship is one of the leading industries in the international market and the Egyptian market in particular, but a large percentage of startup companies fall before they reach advanced stages of growth. According to some international reports, only 10% of the emerging companies succeed. CB Insights Foundation says that the main reasons why startups fail …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

$400m investments expected for entrepreneurship sector in 2016

Capital is intelligent, said CEO of KI Angel venture capital fund Khaled Ismail, as it always goes to the opportunities that will achieve rapid growth. He added that in 2011, many entrepreneurs and creative thinkers emerged, and, in turn, capital began to be made available to pump investments in these companies. “Capital always turns up …

Daily News Egypt

Entrepreneurship suffers neglect of local media marketing

  CEO and Co-Founder of Drbridge, Amir Barsoum, believes the field of entrepreneurship is one of the most critical sectors for investment, since they give chances for ideas with potential success. He said there aren’t any large investments in this sector in Egypt since there must be many success stories to attract foreign investment. For …

Daily News Egypt