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Soil: An undervalued resource

Ever more land is being covered by concrete, deforested, farmed, over-fertilised or polluted. On World Soil Day, it seems there is still much to be done to convince people soil is not just a load of dirt

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Indpendent scientists warn over Monsanto pesticide

Two major agencies disagree over whether the world’s most-used pesticide, glyphosate, is safe. As the European Union debates the topic, nearly 100 scientists from around the world have urged it to heed safety warnings. It’s the most commonly used – and perhaps also most controversial – pesticide in the world: glyphosate. Opinion between the European …

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5 best climate change articles for the layperson

Covering economy, society, science and industry, these essays represent some of the best ways to become an expert, quickly. It’s a rare feat to untangle the complexities of climate change and make them into something that is not just readable, but enjoyable. Plenty of writing about climate is overwrought, emotional, angry, preachy or just plain …

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COP21: China’s climate efforts far from sufficient

China is one of the biggest polluters in the world. The Asian economic giant, however, says it is committed to tackling the issue as the UN climate conference kicks off in Paris. But how difficult will that be for China? China’s rise from a developing country to a global superpower in just half a century …

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UN: 2015 on track to be the hottest year ever

The UN weather agency has said that this year will likely be the warmest on record and 2016 only looks hotter. It has called for action to curb the extreme effects of human-induced global warming. This year is likely to be the hottest individual year on record, with 2011-2015 becoming the hottest five-year period, according …

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An ‘unfavorable environment’ for female scientists

Teams of female scientists tend to pursue different questions than teams of men. That alone makes the case for diversity in the lab (and beyond). Emilie Marcus of Cell Press tells DW why it’s not happening yet. DW: Why is it so important to have gender equality in science? Emilie Marcus: Science itself teaches us …

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Baby rhino steps

The official from Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia had a good reason to celebrate. Cameras in the park had captured three new calves of the endangered Javan rhinoceros on film. This was as significant as it was rare: The new sightings raise the number of Javan rhinos known to still exist in the wild from 57 to 60, a park official said. The images of the three calves – two males and one female – were captured a few months ago, in April, May and July, the officials added

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Munich Re ups profit guidance on healthy quarter

Germany’s Munich Re has reported a marked rise in second-quarter profit. The world’s largest reinsurer said the strong result was due to its thriving investment business and a lower rate of major losses globally. Munich Re announced Thursday it posted a bottom-line profit of 1.1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) for the second quarter of 2015, …

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Removing roads to protect tigers

A logging company in far eastern Russia is planing to protect Siberian tigers by dismantling unused roads that run through the tigers’ habitat. The Siberian tiger – one of the largest land predators in the world – is highly endangered, with an estimated population of only about 500 animals remaining. And the tigers are under …

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