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Liver transplants: Driven by desperation

In Egypt, the chronic liver disease Hepatitis C is a major concern in medical circles. Specialists are recording an increasing rate of infection in the country, and liver transplants are sometimes the only solution. However, it can be extremely difficult to find liver donors in Egypt.

Ethar Shalaby

Review: Op-Eds debate Mubarak’s court session

After ousted President Mubarak appeared smiling and waving behind the bars, more than one writer has explored the court rulings and the possibility of a counter-revolution. Several commentators believe that those supportive of the 25 January revolution were busy with minor cases and were not concerned with the death of protesters. Mubarak has ended and …

Ethar Shalaby

Educating with a broomstick

Officials claim incidents of violence against students are ‘minor’, while some parents support ‘harmless’ beatings to keep the kids under control

Ethar Shalaby

Demeaning enough?

They kept repeating the clip in front of me for more than five subsequent times. I starred at the pixelated screen. But it was still okay. The viciousness was clear enough for me. I could see the legs kicking him in the back, sticks hammering him on his head, hands dragging him from his legs …

Ethar Shalaby

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