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Ongoing European commitments to Egypt at €11bn: EU official 

Egypt is a key partner for the EU and its most important neighbour in the Southern Mediterranean, said the head of the European Union (EU) delegation to Egypt, Ivan Surkoš, at the EU’s annual iftar event on Wednesday. “The richness of cooperation is evident in the figure of the total EU aid commitments to Egypt, which …

Shaimaa Al-Aees

‘Eitesal’ launches project to support entrepreneurship with EU funding

Eitesal has launched a new project for entrepreneurship in Egypt, named Egypt Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project – InnoEgypt, with funding from the European Union and the Egyptian government. Four large institutions in Egypt are taking part in the project. They are SEKEM Development Foundation, Eitesal, Techno El-Kher Assiut, and Mohamed Farid Khamis Foundation, in cooperation …

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