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IMF changing tack on Greece

Latin Americans and Asians are happy that they do not need the help of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But, Europe can no longer function without it. What’s behind the IMF’s interest in Greece?

Deutsche Welle

Syrian refugees are here to stay

According to data released by the Turkish Interior Ministry, 1,905,984 Syrians are registered in 82 cities. The number of Syrians living in 25 camps set up in 10 cities is 262,134. These statistics clearly show that nearly 1.7 million Syrians are trying to survive outside the camps on their own.

Deutsche Welle

Opinion: On UK ‘Brexit,’ Obama is thinking US – not EU

The UK has to stay in the EU, Barack Obama says. Only then will it be able to continue to play a role on the international stage. More than anything, he has US interests in mind, Gero Schliess writes in Washington. Some observers may have rubbed their eyes in disbelief: For the longest time, the Americans had gone out of…

Deutsche Welle

Europe and those Arabs (5 of 5): The EU as a post-colonialist bank

Some of us might consider the acquittal of Mubarak, the failure of state-building in Libya, the civil war in Syria, the sectarian war in Yemen, or the international silence and approval of crushing protesters in Bahrain the death of the so-called Arab Spring. We might also say Lucky Tunisia, the only survivor of such a …

Maher Hamoud

FEDCOC initiates programme to promote Economic Summit

An integrated programme has been launched to promote Egypt’s March Economic Summit, according to the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) in a statement Monday. The programme was started by the FEDCOC during the first quarter of 2015 according to the Federation’s head, Ahmed Al-Wakil. The commencement of the marketing programme took place after …

Menna Samir