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Italy rescues 4,500 migrants in one day

Italy’s Coast Guard says it has rescued more than 4,500 migrants from the Mediterranean in the past 24 hours. Italy has become a main entry point for Europe-bound asylum seekers since the closure of the Balkan route.

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Why are some people attracted to Jihad?

Hundreds of young people choose to go to Syria, despite their vastly more comfortable lives in Europe. But why does “Islamic State” attract so many Europeans? Radicalization expert Maarten van de Donk explains.

Deutsche Welle

NATO beefs up presence in Eastern Europe

NATO has started a military build-up in Eastern Europe aimed at deterring Russia. The troops pose no threat to Moscow, but they are a reassurance for the Baltic region. DW’s Bernd Riegert reports from Brussels.

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Brussels pays the price

Muslims in Europe are always charged with every terrorist incident occurring in Europe, even before conducting any investigation. As I wrote before: “You are paying the price for our politicians’ errors”. My first point is, a terrorism tree grows only in a forest of extremism. Those who fight terrorism, excluding extremism, will lose both battles. …

EU-Turkey migrant deal done

The EU and Turkey have sealed a deal to end the migrant flow. Turkey has agreed to take back all illegal migrants in Europe, and the EU has made membership concessions to Turkey. Andrea Rönsberg reports from Brussels.

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My 2015: Europe’s super crisis

For our Europe correspondent Bernd Riegert, 2015 was the year of the “super crisis.” As he reports, he was shaken by visits to refugee camps, a lack of solidarity among EU members and poor crisis management.

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The year of terror in Europe

Ten years after the last large-scale attacks in London, Europe experienced a bad year of terrorism in 2015. Hundreds died, including many French, Turks and Russians. “War” against “Islamic State” has been the result.

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