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Eurovision 2019: Narrowing down the field

In a show of dazzling effects and extreme stylistic variety, 10 musical acts have qualified for the Eurovision song contest finale in Tel Aviv. Front-runners Greece and Australia were among the acts to make it through.After a colorful first semifinal Tuesday evening in Tel Aviv, the 10 countries selected to go on to the finale …

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Eurovision's Orange Carpet in Tel Aviv

There’s very little that is not known about the Eurovision Song Contest. Every effort is made to insure maximum exposure for the artists, including an “Orange Carpet” reception.With the last of the countries' entries announced weeks ago, the official Eurovision videos have long since been been generating untold numbers of online views. Each step of …

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In a crowded Eurovision field, standouts emerge

This past weekend saw the last of the national finals, so now all of the contestants for the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv are known. Some are already making waves. Here’s our rundown.The host country announced last: representing Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is Kobi Marimi (top photo), with a ballad named …

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Thinning out the crowd at Eurovision

In the first of two semifinals of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, 10 out of 19 entries have been selected to go on to the final on Saturday.In a decision co-determined in equal parts by an expert jury and call-in votes from across the continent, those countries are Austria, Estonia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Israel, …

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Opinion: And the Eurovision winner is – the music

Often subverted by quirks and campiness, the fest that often seems to revel in bad taste brought in a strong musical lineup this year – and the winner was the undisputed musical favorite, says DW’s Rick Fulker.A dancing gorilla, rap combined with yodeling, and a seemingly endless parade of ballads sang by solo female artists …

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Eurovision and its scandals

The world’s most avidly-watched entertainment show is bound to rile at least some of its 200 million viewers. Here’s what has made blood boil in 61 years of ESC history.On April 4, 2017, the Eurovision Song Contest’s website reported that Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko has upheld a travel ban for Russia’s candidate, singer Julia Samoylova. …

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