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How does a ‘cool’ guy turn into an extremist?

By Mahmoud Abu Baker At the end of the ‘90s, everywhere I went I was asked the same boring question as a journalist living in Algeria. It is a question that haunted the people who asked me and exhausted me: Is it true that Islamist groups are the ones behind all the terrorist crimes in …

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Shahira Amin

Morsy faces choice, militancy or moderation?

The militant ambush on a police patrol in North Sinai bears the hallmarks of the Al-Qaeda terror group. Not only did the gunmen who carried out the attack raise black flags bearing the Muslim declaration of faith on them “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his Prophet,” but they also chanted Allahu …

Shahira Amin

Review: op-ed pages continue to fill up with commentary on offensive movie

As incidents escalate in reaction to the offensive movie about prophet Muhammed, columnists continue to analyse the mounting anger of Egyptians.   Wael Qandil What after invading the US embassy? Al-Shorouk newspaper Recalling the latest chaos that took place within the margins of the US embassy in Cairo in reaction to the US anti-Islam movie, …

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