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Latest in Tag: extremists

3 suspected extremists arrested in central Sinai

The Egyptian Armed Forces said on Tuesday that its forces arrested three alleged extremists amid the ongoing military operations fighting terrorism in the region, military spokesperson Tamer Al-Refaei said in a statement. According to the statement, military forces of the Third Field Army attacked a den of extremists, destroying two vehicles and eight motor bikes. …

Daily News Egypt

Of refugees and returnees

Many are calling for stricter control of the refugee flow fearing that terrorists could be among the refugees. Others say German or French extremists who fought in Syria and are returning home pose a bigger danger. After it became known that police found the passport of a Syrian refugee at one of the crime scenes …

Deutsche Welle

In Paris, top officials warn climate change poses major security threat

Ahead of December’s climate change conference, experts have warned about the effects of climate change on world security – and how fighting global warming can help foster peace. Elizabeth Bryant reports from Paris. Encroaching desert and Boko Haram extremists. A punishing drought in Syria, pushing 1 million people to flee the countryside to cities already …

Deutsche Welle

Return of jihadist fighters from Syria sparks fear in Tunisia

AFP – Around 400 Tunisian jihadists have returned from fighting in the Syrian war, the interior minister said, sparking fears that the battle-hardened militants could fuel Islamist violence back home. Since the 2011 revolution, Tunisia has been rocked by sporadic violence linked to Muslim extremists who were suppressed under the regime of ousted strongman Zine …

Daily News Egypt

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