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Why are Google and Facebook financing climate skeptics?

Hard to grasp, but true: Google and other large firms are donating large sums of money to the climate skeptic scene. How does that square with an otherwise meticulously managed image as an ecological innovator?For many years, there’s been an overwhelming consensus among scientists that human activity is influencing the climate. But there is a …

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Facebook to add more African languages

During his visit to Nigeria and Kenya, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted at the possibility of adding software for more African languages, to ease Africans’ access to the online social network’s applications.

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Congratulations, you are a famous digital harasser

Aiming to defeat digital sexual harassment via different social media networks, Ahmed Ramadan launched a campaign on Facebook to help girls report any inappropriate messages or revealing photos they receive on their accounts. Ramadan is a volunteer who has been working with El Basma Charitable Association on the harassment file for over four years. The Facebook group “Congratulations, …

Rana Khaled

‘I Know Him, I Know Her’: a scary sign for distorted relationships

Challenging the customs and traditions of our society and breaking taboos, a group of women decided to use Facebook as a tool to test the loyalty and honesty of their lovers and find out about their previous relationships. More than eight groups were created under the same name, “I Know Him”, on which women started …

Rana Khaled

Don’t get killed playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players have stumbled into places they really shouldn’t be on the hunt for digital monsters. It seems that for some fans of the popular app, catching them all is more important than personal safety.

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Erdogan and social media: use and abuse

After using social media to publicly quash the coup, Turkey’s government is cracking down on news sites and purging state institutions again. Here is how censorship works in the country – and how Turks react to it.

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Line messenger app shares soar in IPO

Priced high to begin with, Line shares shot up even further in value in its first day of trading. The chat app’s emojis have made it a hit in Asia, and investors seem confident that it’s success will spread.

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Internet giants agree to curb hate speech

Major Internet companies Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube have teamed up with the European Commission to combat the spread of hate speech online. They agreed to tackle flagged posts or videos within 24 hours.

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