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‘Alphabet takes Google from G to A, ahead of the F of Facebook’

Google’s restructuring plan has come as a surprise for many. DW asked Tobias Kollmann from the University of Duisburg-Essen for his take on new holding company Alphabet and the future of Google. DW: Google, the search engine giant, is to form a new holding company as part of a major restructuring effort. What’s the strategy …

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Facebook launches Aquila, the Internet-beaming drone

Facebook said they are ready to begin the pilot program of a high-altitude drone that will beam Internet to remote parts of the world. The solar-powered drone will be able to fly without landing for three months. Aquila has a wingspan on par with a Boeing 737 of between 100 and 140 feet (30-40 meters), …

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Opinion: Should we be glad that Cecil the lion is dead?

The killing of a well-known wild lion in Zimbabwe by a US dentist and amateur trophy hunter has spread rapidly on the Internet and sparked the public’s ire. But can this have any lasting impact? Cecil the lion is dead. When I first heard the news – on Tuesday – I thought: Another rare and …

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Facebook’s profits slip amid spending spree

The world’s biggest social network saw its second-quarter profits fall as it shelled out billions of dollars to develop its “family” of applications. The heavy investments are aimed at boosting future growth. Facebook, already the world’s largest social network, has a voracious appetite for growth, but satiating it can be costly. In the second quarter …

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In Austria, Glorious Bastards bust Facebook haters

An invitation-only Facebook group named Glorious Bastards is taking down the social network's hatemongers. The vigilantes have already gotten one teenager fired from his job for an anti-migrant comment. The weeks-old group first drew attention when a 17-year-old apprentice at Porsche posted a comment under the picture of a young Syrian girl playing in a spray of water. The picture…

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US govt reaches deal with Google, Facebook on information disclosure

AFP – The US government and leading Internet companies agreed Monday to a compromise allowing companies to make public how often they are ordered to turn over information about their customers in national security investigations. The Justice Department announced the deal with Google Inc., Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc., Facebook Inc. and LinkedIn Corp. Other companies …

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