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Mobile app use jumped over 100% in 2013

Deloitte’s annual technology predictions report published shows that in the UK at least one of the world’s most mature mobile markets the number of text messages sent over the course of 2013 fell by some 7 billion to 145 billion messages.

Daily News Egypt

Jaundiced timelines

Forced containment, Photoshop and a sense of humour produced a flurry of posters that turned many timelines yellow

Adel Heine

Letters of Freedom

Palestinian Prisoners Week Good Morning, Allow me to break through the spatial dimensions. I send you this letter from my cramped compartment, laced with the breath of those who are experiencing the hardship of real struggle. It has taken me a month to send this letter to you and mail it through the Red Cross, …

Daily News Egypt

Raising tyrants in the name of Islam

“In China, they have blocked YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and no one is upset; life is good and everyone is happy. And they say we do not have freedom of speech in Egypt.” These were the enlightened words of Saad Al-Shater on his Facebook page, the son of Khairat El-Shater, vice of Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme …

Sara Abou Bakr