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How does the ‘Family of 1952’ perceive ‘the people’? (Part 3)

Let us look at how pro-regime forces, or rather pro-1952 family forces, perceive the people through their explanations for the reluctance of the majority to participate in the parliamentary elections. Firstly, we will notice that the people remain a “sacred” entity to them. However, the people may sometimes behave unfavourably and not meet their expectations. …

Farid Zahran

How does the ‘Family of 1952’ perceive ‘the people’? (Part 2)

The radical opposition that was brought up in the 1952 era, with its “religious” and “secular” segments, begins from the perception that the people are an inanimate object with homogenous interests and orientations. Therefore, it considered, or almost considered, all citizens who did not vote in elections, in this case the “peaceful” majority, to necessarily …

Farid Zahran

How does the ‘Family of 1952’ perceive ‘the people’? (Part 1)

The initial results announced at the end of the first day in the first round of the 2015 parliamentary elections revealed that turnout did not exceed 2.7%. This was according to official sources, and from inside the electoral commission, as well as from inside the different polling stations. It was clear through the satellite channels …

Farid Zahran

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