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The difference between Reform and reform

“To better serve farmers.” The goals are a more productive agricultural sector and improved food security for Egypt’s population. Key is improving the services of the Principal Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit (PBDAC), said Minister of Agriculture Ayman Abu Hadid, speaking on the sidelines of the 10th Ministerial Meeting of the International Centre for …

Iris Boutros

The Egyptian and Californian tomato farmers and the galabaya mafia

“I am a farmer. My father was a farmer. My grandfather was a farmer. But I only now learned how to farm.” These are the proud words of an Egyptian small farmer whose tomato yields topped those of a typical Californian farmer. And proud he should be. He produced 82 tons of tomatoes per feddan …

Iris Boutros

Morsy drops farmers’ debts

Addressing his audience of fellaheen (farmers), President Mohamed Morsy echoed former President Gamal Abdel Nasser, saying “I’m one of you in terms of roots and upbringing.” In his speech on Tuesday commemorating farmers’ day, Morsy praised Egypt’s fellaheen, stating that “Egypt’s farmers were the first to rebel against tyranny 4,000 years ago.” Presidential spokesman, Yasser …

Islam Serour

New fiscal measures to address state budget deficit

By Islam Zayed and Mohamed Abdel Monsef The Government has prepared a new bundle of legislation aimed at increasing national revenue and alleviating budget strain. The legislation is scheduled to be enacted by year’s end. The Ministry of Finance (MOF) will enact further legislation to collect overdue taxes. The new bill resembles the tax payment …

Daily News Egypt

Presidential decision to drop debts of 41,000farmers

By Islam Serour The legal consultant to President Morsy, Mohamed Fouad Gadallah, announced that the president would issue a decision to drop agricultural debts owed by 41,000 farmers. “After meeting Dr Mohsen Al-Batran, Chairman of the Development and Agricultural Credit Bank (DACB) and head of Farmers Syndicate, an agreement to drop EGP 93 million, representing …

Daily News Egypt

Presidential spokesperson denies dropping farmers’ debts

By Islam Serour The President’s spokesman, Dr Yasser Ali denied rumours about dropping the debts of 62,000 farmers, indicating that the decision is still undergoing study and research. The rumour originated on the ‘Kolena Wael Ghonem’ (“We are all Wael Ghonem”) Facebook page which stated, “Morsy drops EGP 109 million of debts to the agricultural …

Daily News Egypt

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