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Latest in Tag: Fashion

‘Unty’: An exclusive army of dreamers

Omar Mobarek is a young local advocate of this rising style. Over the course of seven different collections, Mobarek has built a community of young individuals through Unty that seek to stand out from the crowd, artistically and fashionably

Nayera Yasser

Deana Shaaban and Fairmont Nile City redefine Christmas with fashion

Earlier this month, one extraordinary designer and visionary manager and a relentless team spent seven consecutive nights planning and executing what could be categorised as a major first in Egypt. From the endless hours of sewing to numerous ladder climbs, they continued to push their vision closer to reality. Fashion designer Deana Shaaban joined hands …

Nayera Yasser

DnD celebrates youth and fun

In one grand factory, works a team of outstanding ladies that share genuine love for fashion and life. To these sisters, garments could be a celebration of life and freedom. Each piece they come in contact with automatically becomes a part of their aura. Thus, out of this factory and their unique take on fashion …

Daily News Egypt

Inkrypt: Stepping into colour bonds

“They are little pieces of art that break my heart to part with, but it makes me happy knowing that the person wearing them will smile every time they look down at their feet,” says designer

Nayera Yasser

Kimonos redefine trends in Egypt

According to the oldest rules of fashion worldwide, trends change every six months. However, the current decade has successfully created a much faster cycle, which is capable of introducing new trends every other week. Through this hectic and constant change, one trend managed to establish a true solid platform. The traditional Japanese garment, the Kimono, …

Nayera Yasser