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Hijab fashion in Egypt: a classical wrap or a trendy “Spanish”?

The hijab fashion in Egypt has been changing rapidly over the last ten years. Although the Spanish style veil has emerged five years ago, a newer and faster “Spanish” is getting simpler and looser now. Some argue that the traditional hijab, despite the new florescent colours, will soon fade out in Egypt.

Ethar Shalaby

Lifestyle: a year in review

In the past year the Lifestyle pages in DNE have covered food, fashion, jewellery, Green Initiatives, health, wellness and much more. We tasted cupcakes on your behalf, found out about kiteboarding, told you where to ride your bike and gave you many ways how to cook proper Egyptian food. Here are our favourites of 2012

Fady Salah

Handmade fashion in 3D

The technique Farouk uses to create her signature 3D effect makes the need for wearing other accessories almost non-existent. And one of the nicest things about owning one of RF Design’s pieces is that they are all handmade.

Rana Muhammad Taha

East Berliner’s lifelong passion for vintage fashion

By Kate Millar / AFP When Josefine Edle von Krepl fled East Berlin just before the Wall fell in 1989, she managed to save her vast hoard of vintage clothing by wrapping her china and glassware in it. The fashion designer, journalist and mother-of-two was allowed to take many of her belongings with her to the …


Sarah Curran on finding the niche in online fashion retail

By Heba Elkayal As the power and reach of fashion extends to consumers beyond the pages of monthly magazines by way of the internet and social media websites, fashion today can be all-consuming and admittedly, overwhelming. Major fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar have understood the power of viral media. Fashion brands and established …


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