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Fawry Plus POS to reach 360 outlets in two years: Okasha

Fawry, an e-payments company, aims to expand its Fawry Plus services in the coming period. According the company’s managing director, Mohamed Okasha, it now operates 60 Fawry Plus points of sale (POS). Okasha said the company intends to reach 120 outlets by the end of the year and 360 outlets in two years. Last year, …

Daily News Egypt

Fawry POS reached 75,000 by end of 2017

Fawry electronic payment service has increased its points of sale (POS) to reach 75,000 at the end of December 2017. A source at the company said that the size of transactions made through Fawry POS reached EGP 25bn at the end of 2017. The official added that the company provided services to more than 20 …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

EGP 25bn value of financial transactions via Fawry: Baseera

The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera) announced that the value of financial transactions through the electronic payment network Fawry in Egypt increased to EGP 25bn in 2017 compared to EGP 16bn in 2016 There are many electronic payments network in Egypt in addition to Fawry, such as Bee Smart Payment Solutions and Khadamaty. …

Nihal Samir

Fawry gets $20m from foreign investment fund

Ashraf Sabry, CEO of Fawry electronic payment company, disclosed that his company has received an investment of $20m from a foreign investment fund. Currently, the company is working to expand and develop the services it provides to consumers. Fawry annually invests EGP 30-40m to develop its technological infrastructure and increase the number of points offering …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

Agreement signed between Fawry, B.Tech for customers’ instalments

The demand for instalment services has increased in light of the current economic conditions in Egypt. Nevertheless, an investment opportunity is created for electronic payment companies to represent the link between the installment customer and the collection, especially that Egypt aims to implement financial coverage. Fawry, the main electronic payment network in the Egyptian market, …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

“Fawry” facilitates donations for hospitals and NGOs 

“Fawry,” the Egyptian Market electronic payment company, has continued their role of facilitating donations  throughout the year into the holy month of Ramadan. The organisation donates to a vast number of NGOs and charities in Egypt, including the largest institutions that cover most of the governorates. “Fawry’s” goal is to spread the spirit of cooperation …

Daily News Egypt

EGP 1.08bn in instalments for social housing units paid by 270,000 individuals

  From the beginning of November, instalments for the new phase of the social housing project reached EGP 1.08bn paid by 270,000 people. These instalments are to book 400,000 units dedicated to low-income citizens in new cities and governorates. Mohamed Okasha, managing director of Fawry, said 270,000 people have paid booking deposits through Fawry. Each …

Mohamed Darwish

Fawry allocates EGP 20m to electronic commerce sector

By Mohamed Alaa El-Din and Hossam Mounir Fawry Company will allocate EGP 20m for investments in payment solutions for the electronic trade sector in the upcoming period, company CEO Ashraf Sabry revealed in a statement to Daily News Egypt. The service will launch before the end of the first quarter of 2016, he said. However, …

Hossam Mounir

CEO of Fawry in dialogue with Daily News Egypt:

Value of financial transactions made through Fawry’s service $571m; 40 thousand outlets across the country for e-payment; one million transactions made daily through the company’s services; plans to expand to Arab Gulf countries in the coming period.

Daily News Egypt