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The fear of sarcasm

Among the various traits that characterise the period after the 30 June uprising in Egypt is an obvious fear of sarcasm and satire. The incident that took place last week on the anniversary of the 25 January, and the amount of anger it stirred up, were not isolated events. In the past two years, the …

Ziad A. Akl

Fear, Oppression and the Egyptian Pen

By Amr Khalifa To be an Egyptian journalist on World Press Freedom Day (3 May), one must have a healthy sense of ironic juxtaposition. In Egypt, as most journalists and readers know, the words freedom and journalism, particularly under the harsh light of the Al-Sisi regime, in the same sentence elicit a loud and bitter …

Daily News Egypt

Amr, Esraa and the Travolta Predicament

No doubt, current events in Egypt are testing our understanding as well as the practice of the freedom of speech and the concept of liberties at large. Two articles that I have come across in the past 6 months have paid homage to the concept of liberties in two distinct fashions. Last July, Dr. Amr …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Fuel and fear

Returning from a trip abroad I find a city that has changed in unexpected ways.

Adel Heine

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