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Fed decides not moving is best

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US dollar

US dollar dips in volatile trading

Euro rose to 1.0951 US dollars from 1.0870 US dollar in the previous session, and the British pound rose to 1.2599 dollars from 1.2450 US dollars in the previous session


Fed decides not moving is best

Ending its two-day policy meeting, The US Fed has refrained from hiking interest rates. It indicated that there were too many imponderables right now, prompting it to postpone a rate increase for the time being.

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US industrial output takes a dive

US industrial production has fallen sharply, a fresh report by the Federal Reserve has shown. The figures were released just hours before an expected announcement on whether the Fed would raise interest rates.

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Yellen: ‘December rate hike possible, not certain’

Fed Chair Janet Yellen told lawmakers the US economy is “performing well” and a December rate hike could be justified. But she reiterated that the central bank’s monetary policy committee had not made a decision yet. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said a rate hike in December was a “live” possibility, but not a certainty. …

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Fed leaves door open for September rate hike

Following a two-day policy meeting, the Federal Reserve kept its benchmark interest rates unchanged at near zero percent. The central bank also said that the US economy and jobs market are continuing to strengthen. The bank’s rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee said in a policy statement on Wednesday that the US economy has expanded “moderately” …

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Bernanke predicts slow drop in US unemployment

Washington (AFP) — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted Tuesday that US economic data had been “disappointing” and that a future reduction in unemployment would likely prove “frustratingly slow.” Dealing a blow to Barack Obama and others hopeful for an improvement in economic news ahead of November’s presidential elections, Bernanke offered a gloomy assessment of …

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Fed policy and inflation fisk

By Martin Feldstein CAMBRIDGE: During the past four years, the United States Federal Reserve has added enormous liquidity to the US commercial banking system, and thus to the American economy. Many observers worry that this liquidity will lead in the future to a rapid increase in the volume of bank credit, causing a brisk rise …


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