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Latest in Tag: feminism

Egypt: Country of remarkable, yet jailed, women

By Semanur Karaman and Sara Katrine Brandt No country in the world is safe for women human rights defenders, yet Egypt is particularly dangerous for women who want to contribute to democracy and assert their presence in the public-political sphere. Here are a few examples of defenders who have been punished, attacked, who have experienced …

Daily News Egypt

Physical feminism

Recent rantings opened the door to an understanding that may very well lead to the end of gender inequality

Adel Heine

Running with women

Being a feminist almost always involves criticism of male thinking or male domination and this makes sense. In many ways, we are still a male-dominated society; we are not free nor are we truly equal, not yet. Even in first-world countries, women are still paid less than men and professions objectifying women, such as prostitution …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

The Event

The Event changed everything. Nobody knows the exact date when the event started. The chaos that took place once it started, and its insane aftermath, made any kind of accurate documentation impossible, but we know that it reached Cairo around August 2013, specifically around the Eid vacation. In its aftermath, Egypt found itself on the …

Mahmoud Salem

Men don’t cry

Egyptians are prone to touch each other during conversations and often call each other habibi, while dude seems to be as far as foreign men are willing to go.

Fady Salah

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