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The Mazayin Dhafra Camel Festival attracts participants from around the Gulf region, but it is time for Egypt to hold its version

Fady Salah

The charm of circus brought to Al-Azhar park

“The crowd here is very friendly and very nice. They are a great audience, they cheer you on and interact with you. We get a lot more encouragement from the people here than we do back home in Belgium,” said Wout, one of the performers.

Daily News Egypt

TransDance opens to high expectations

“The central idea of the festival is to explore our bodies as sites of documentation and considering using different art forms as documents,” Adham Hafez, the director of the festival said. “Why not use a performance, a sculpture, a film or installation as a means to document?”

Adel Heine

Fifth panorama of the European film

The event takes place amid continuous efforts to strengthen Egyptian cultural ties with the outside world, especially in the post-revolution era, where much in the Egyptian cultural scene is changing, or more precisely, evolving.

Salma Hamed

Cairo’s Citadel Music Festival to begin tomorrow

The festival is of crucial importance because it is now one of, if not the only, cultural event that is a portal from the artistic towers to the bottom of society. It reaches people who need to be nourished by art, who are thirsty and are finally provided with water.

Daily News Egypt

Mawaweel 2012 kicks off

Cairo’s alternative Ramadan experience provides Ramadan entertainment through a wide range of music, performances, art, food and interactive crafts.

Basil El-Dabh

Spain’s most famous fiesta hit by economic downturn

Pamplona (AFP) — Spain’s most  famous fiesta, the San Fermin bull running festival in Pamplona, is taking a hit from the economic crisis as revellers cut corners to save money. The cobbled streets of the northern city are still packed with party-goers from around the world, drawn by the carnival atmosphere and the chance to be …

Daily News Egypt

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