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Qatar 2022 – A mixed blessing

By James M. Dorsey Winning the 2022 World Cup hosting rights has proven to be a mixed blessing for Qatar. The wealthy Gulf emirate, more than two years after world football body FIFA voted in Qatar’s favor, is under greater scrutiny than it ever has been and that it originally had bargained for. Qatar’s suitability …

Daily News Egypt

FIFA reaffirms its role as a pillar of established order

By James M Dorsey A recent visit by world football body FIFA president SeppBlatter to the Middle East spotlighted the group’s role as a pillar of the existing political and football governance order under the guise of a fictional separation between sports and politics, rather than a force for greater transparency and accountability. To be …

Daily News Egypt

UEFA decision on Gibraltar opens prospects for Kurds

By James M. Dorsey A decision by European football body UEFA granting Gibraltar the right of membership potentially opens the door to Kurdistan to seek association with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in a move that would acknowledge demands for increased autonomy and the possible shifting of national borders in the Middle East as a …

Daily News Egypt

FIFA must specify regions for World Cup bids: Richards

By Regan Doherty / Reuters DOHA: Soccer’s ruling body FIFA should specify regions where it would like to stage World Cups so that nations outside those locations do not waste money on losing bids, said English Premier League chairman Dave Richards. “I believe England didn’t understand the ground rules when we went in – and paid …


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