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88.5% of Egyptian families benefit from food subsidy system: CAPMAS

The Egyptian government has put in place a variety of fallbacks with which to protect the country’s poor and most vulnerable households, with the aim of improving the quality of life for citizens. These have also been designed to ensure a better standard in their economic, social, and environmental statuses.

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Insect pet food to offset soaring pet carbon paw print

As meat-addicted dogs and cats threaten to eat us to extinction, some pet food startups are pioneering sustainable puppy snacks based on high-protein, low-emission insects.I still love my dog. Even now I know he’s an indulgence the planet cannot sustain for much longer. A spate of recent research has confirmed that our cuddly, carbon-intensive besties …

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Food, farming and sustainability: What future in post-Brexit UK?

British farmers are exploring how leaving the EU’s legislative reach could possibly improve sustainable food and farming in the UK. Or whether Brexit could only worsen the state of affairs.In the hallowed halls of Westminster, the British government has been dreaming up a golden vision of sustainability for British agriculture post-Brexit. Despite positive hopes for …

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