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$1.44bn increase in foreign reserves to $44.06bn end-February: CBE

The foreign exchange reserves at the CBE have increased by $1.44bn by the end of February 2019, reaching $44.06bn, compared to $42.617bn by end of January 2019. The foreign exchange reserves recorded an all-time high by the end of November 2019, when they reached $44.51bn. The CBE has not revealed the reason behind the increase …

Hossam Mounir

HC attributes $2bn decline in foreign reserves mainly to debt repayment

Egypt’s net international reserves declined to $42.551bn in December from $44.513bn in November 2018, according to the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) data. HC Securities and Investment (HC) said on Tuesday that the $0.9bn foreign portfolio outflow corresponds to a net foreign liability position of domestic banks widening to $7.3bn in November from $5.5bn in …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt’s foreign reserves down to 42.551bn in December: CBE

Egypt’s foreign currency reserves fell to $42.551bn in December, down from a peak of $44.513bn in November, the Central Bank of Egypt announced on Monday. Net foreign reserves has been on an upward path, since Egypt signed a $12bn, three-year IMF loan in November 2016, and the adoption of the country’s ambitious economic reform programme. …

Daily News Egypt