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Foreigners, but friends of Egypt

I used to think that immigration was about migrants moving from a developing country to a developed one, motivated by a single criterion—the better standard of living. This was until I learned that moving from a country to another is not only a matter of climbing up a ladder; for numerous reasons, people move to …

Mohammed Nosseir

Egypt’s rule of law: Strong on paper, shakier on the ground

Earlier this month, Egypt’s cabinet passed a law confronting one of the country’s worst epidemics. The new sexual harassment law both increases fines against offenders and expands actions which are defined as harassment by law. In a country where it has been estimated that 99.3% of women are sexually harassed, the amendments to the Penal …

Basil El-Dabh

Ramadan 101

Ramadan is upon us and many foreign first-timers are baffled by the changes they are seeing around them

Adel Heine

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