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Latest in Tag: freedom and justice party

Managing editor Rana Allam

The untouchable old guard

Some keep saying that the “third hand” has disappeared with the ascendency of the Muslim Brotherhood to power. I find it funny when people say that.

Rana Allam

Review: new political coalitions and ways to combat religious offences

As political parties continue their pursuit of establishing solidified alliances for the upcoming parliamentary elections, Egyptian columnists dissect the new partisan coalitions, filled with hopes that division won’t strike at them once more. Some writers continue analysing American anti-Islam film, at the risk of becoming overwhelmed, by exploring options through which Muslims could prevent conflict …

Daily News Egypt

Islamic Sukuk forecast to exponentially increase

The demand for Islamic Sukuk is expected to reach to $900 billion by 2017, according to Ernst & Young’s Global Islamic Banking of Excellence (GIBE) estimates. Ernst & Young’s GIBE reports that the forecasted exponential increase in demand for Sukuk stems from the growth of Islamic banking industry, and the increasing demand for financial tools …

Islam Serour

FJP denies describing those opposing the party as ‘Zionists’

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) denied on Wednesday media reports claiming that its leader Mohamed Morsi described those who called for postponing parliamentary elections as “Zionists” and remnants of the former regime. Saad El-Katatney, secretary general and cofounder of the FJP denied a report published by Al-Masry Al-Youm on Tuesday …


Brotherhood party legal in Egypt for first time

By AFP CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood’s political party, set up to run in polls, was declared legal in Egypt on Monday, state news agency MENA said, for the first time since the movement was founded eight decades ago. “The commission on party affairs has given its approval for the formation of the Freedom and Justice …


Freedom and Justice Party submits documents, includes over 900 women, 93 Copts

By Heba Fahmy and Tamim Elyan CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) presented to the political parties committee on Wednesday the necessary documents to establish the Freedom and Justice Party which includes 978 female members and 93 Copts. The party’s founding papers include lists of its founding members, its program and bylaws. “The party has 8,821 founding …


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