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The Bachmann dilemma

When I got into the newsroom Tuesday morning, a heated discussion between my colleagues was ongoing about whether or not to publish Michele Bachmann’s piece (which was sent to us by her office). Most of the young democracy-passionate reporters were vehemently against publishing her, very few were for it, and our Opinion editor was quite …

Rana Allam

The cult of personality

A perfect example is Mona Eltahawy who was arrested in New York City a few days ago. In a carefully colour-coordinated attack of spray paint and raincoat on an offensive ad in the city’s subway, Eltahawy professed to be exercising her freedom of speech.

Adel Heine

Rights group: Egypt’s generals are muzzling media

By AP and Daily News Egypt CAIRO: A leading media watchdog says an Egyptian military investigation of journalists and bloggers shows the country’s ruling generals are trying to muzzle the media. The journalists and bloggers are among 12 prominent figures under investigation over allegations they incited hatred against the Egyptian army and tried to overthrow the …


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