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The chant for freedom

By Sara Khorshid By now it has become cliché for observers in Egypt and worldwide to say that the Egyptian revolution is dead. Everyone knows it is. Everyone knows that three years after the 25 January uprising, the military and the police have consolidated their decades-long power, corruption continues to dominate the state and all …

Daily News Egypt

Young and behind bars

The Freedoms Committee in the Press Syndicate hosted a press conference on Sunday evening titled Freedom for the Brave. There, eleven youth groups signed a statement condemning the illegal detention of 22,000 people, many of them youth, who were arbitrarily arrested and are facing human rights violations in police stations and prisons. Khalid Abdel Hamid, …

AbdelHalim H. AbdAllah

Op-ed review: The deep state and Samy Anan

Has the deep state returned? Saad Eddin Ibrahim Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper Sociologist Saad Eddin Ibrahim begins his column by discussing the origin of the term “deep state”.  He explains that the term is traced back to Turkish sociologists who realised that despite the change in Turkish authority since the 1920s, some bureaucratic practices …

Daily News Egypt

When Egypt targets journalists, denial remains the name of the game

By Jonathan Moremi On 29 December, 2013, three journalists working for the Al Jazeera English TV channel in Egypt – the Cairo Bureau Chief Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian-Egyptian, Peter Greste, a renowned Australian journalist, and the Egyptian Producer Baher Mohamed – were arrested in their rooms of the Marriott Hotel in Cairo, their equipment was …

Daily News Egypt

The square root of the Egyptian revolution

On its third anniversary, the Egyptian revolution may have come full circle back to square one, but it will eventually, perhaps decades from now, square the circle and deliver on its root promises of “bread, freedom, dignity” The word “revolution” perfectly encapsulates the events of the past three years. It is almost as if Egyptians …

Khaled Diab