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G20: What is it and how does it work?

This weekend in Buenos Aires, the so-called “Group of 20” meets for the 13th time. But what exactly is this group of global economic powers and how significant are their annual gatherings?What is the G20? The Group of 20, most commonly referred to as the G20, is an international association of 19 states and the …

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Trade conflicts to dominate G20 agenda

US President Donald Trump isn’t interested in international cooperation, but the other G20 members take a different stance. A clash seems unavoidable at the group’s summit. Bernd Riegert reports from Buenos Aires.Friday sees the start of the 10th G20 summit. This time around, it'll take place in Buenos Aires, meaning it will be the first …

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Opinion: Ivanka’s empty appearance at the G20

Ivanka Trump has attended a G20 gender equality meeting in Berlin. Donald Trump’s daughter was in the limelight, but she neither deserved it nor took the chance to say anything of substance, says DW’s Vanessa Fischer.In Berlin for the Women20 Germany – a two-day summit on women’s empowerment as part of the G20 process – …

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Will G20 governments retreat from climate funding?

As the G20 finance ministers meet in Germany, a statement has raised concerns that the world’s biggest economies might scale back climate funding pledges made in Paris and shift the burden onto the private sector.A group of companies working in endangered rainforest regionsare publishing an open letter to the G20 Ministers urging them to provide …

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G20 finance chiefs to grapple with tackling tax evasion

The German town of Baden-Baden is enjoying the global spotlight as it gets to host the world’s most powerful economic policymakers. They have plenty of challenges to talk about. But solutions are tough to come by.Whoever wants to test their luck at the casino in Baden-Baden may feel disappointed this weekend, as it will remain …

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Fintech regulation on G20 agenda

For banking and insurance, digitization could prove as disruptive as it has been for the media industry. Is that a risk to financial stability? Germany has put the topic on the G20 agenda.For consumers, the new world of digital financial services is full of promise: Pay with a click, take a loan with your phone, …

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G20’s green transition?

As the G20 summit takes place in Huangzhou, China, not only business and finance will be discussed – climate change is also high on the agenda, due to the growing financial risks that climate change present.

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