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The opiate of the masses

CAIRO: As parents of a young child, we are faced everyday with new and troubling decisions. This morning’s crise de jour: How much television should she watch? It’s a difficult moral problem, one that leads to many sleepless nights, especially when Al-Qahira Al-Youm goes off the air. When that happens, once the talking heads are …

Daily News Egypt

Paradise Now

CAIRO: The joy of the Cairo film festival, on the cusp of its 30th anniversary and still an all-round model of mediocrity, is that it invariably houses the rare gem. The enervating and specious opening ceremony saw Omar El Sherif, still slick as an unrepentant lothario, accepting verbal adoration from host Safa’a Abu El So’oud …

Daily News Egypt

Present and tense: A woman's quest

We pick cold cuts with our unwashed fingers from styrofoam plates My wife and I now live in Zamalek, in a flat with a terrific Nile view, a small kitchen and a limited storage space.We own two armoires, one chest of drawers and one side cabinet. Since we moved there from our separate abodes, my …

Nabil Shawkat

Against the grain

CAIRO: In the Arab world, where the man-against-the-machine musician is an unfamiliar concept, a number of 20 something hip-hop artists are working their way through Egypt’s underground music scene, armed with piercing lyrics and original music. With the teenage rebel trapped inside, these rappers are rolling up their sleeves to change the world. Not only …

Sarah El Sirgany

International Film Festival kicks off in Cairo

China is the festival’s guest of honor this year, providing over 25 movies to be screened during the 10-day-event. A special section in the festival is dedicated to Arabs in international cinema and features seven films. Another, featuring 11 films, is dedicated to Arab cinema with a focus on the Lebanese industry – “Ghair Salih …

Sarah El Sirgany

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