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German Bund yield drops to historic low

For the first time in modern German history, the yield of the country’s benchmark 10-year debt – also known as Bund – has fallen below zero percent as investors rush to safety ahead of Britain’s Brexit referendum

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Mercedes sales jump 13 percent

The popular German automaker said it sold 170,625 vehicles in May, more than it moved one month ago. With the rise, Mercedes has kept up a momentum that has been building since the beginning of the year.

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VW mulls e-battery factory of its own

Media reports have suggested German carmaker Volkswagen is considering building its own battery production facility to foster e-mobility. It could be a crucial move to lessen dependence on Asian producers.

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Monsanto rejects Bayer’s takeover bid

US agribusiness giant Monsanto has rejected a multi-billion takeover bid by German pharma and crop science firm Bayer, saying the offer was too low. However, they were open to further talks on a merger, they said.

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The end of VW in the US?

Volkwagen is struggling with US authorities for a solution to the emissions scandal, without one in sight. Could the days of the German carmaker be numbered in the cutthroat American market?

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German exports hit new record high

Despite a slowdown in the global economy, German exporters have been able to ship more goods abroad than ever before. A brief December dent was not enough to spoil the party over record-breaking full-year trade figures.

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German unemployment hits 24-year low

The number of jobless people in Germany has dropped to levels not seen since the early 1990s. While 2015 saw another decrease in unemployment overall, the rate was slightly up in December, the labor office reported.

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Christmas in German families 1945-2015

No matter what Germans may think of the Christian origins of Christmas, they cannot imagine the event without their beloved Christmas tree. But over time, that tree has undergone quite a bit of change.

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