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Lessons in impunity

It’s been a rough few weeks for heads-of-state the world over. In America, Obama faces a growing list of infractions, any one of which would have been campaign killers nine months ago. In much of the Europe, administrations continue to struggle to justify austerity that has yet to fully jumpstart most economies, and more often …

Rasheed Hammouda

Turkey, the Arab world, and the myth of moderate Islamism

By Nervana Mahmoud For years, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was generally considered an example of “moderate Islamism”, a loose label that was generally based on a comparison with other Islamist dictatorships, like Iran, or with the various semi-secular autocratic regimes that dot the Arab and Muslim world. There was never a comparison with a …

Daily News Egypt

From Gezi Park protests to public solidarity

By Dr Mustafa Ozbilgin  The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has launched various urban development projects across Istanbul. These plans lacked prior consultation with public users and key stakeholders. Remarkably, the AKP government planned to build a shopping mall on the site of Gezi Park, the only public green space with many established trees, …

Daily News Egypt

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