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17% of girls in Egypt married at the age of 18

17% of girls in Egypt married at the age of 18, while in Yemen the percentage is 32, two percent in Tunisia, and three percent in Algeria, according to UNICEF in May 2016. This means that the number of child marriage cases is high, as it represents 118,000 girls under 18 years old, and it …

Daily News Egypt

In Afghanistan, girls break cyber walls

In former Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, many still believe a woman’s place is in the home. But two Afghan sisters want to bring a digital revolution to their country by teaching girls how to code and use computers.Groups of teenage girls huddle around computers in a bright blue classroom, some typing furiously, others browsing blogs with the …

Deutsche Welle

People call me a feminist writer because I’m obsessed with women’s problems, dreams, innovations: writer Rasha Samir

With her obsession of tackling women’s problems and expressing their struggles and life battles, Rasha Samir sheds light on the main challenges women have encountered in our society throughout history. Although she holds a master’s degree in dentistry, she has never withheld her endless passion for writing. Her most recent novels, such as Girls in …

Rana Khaled

Managing editor Rana Allam

The future of the two little girls

A couple of weeks ago, on my road back home using 6 October Bridge, I managed to avoid hitting two young girls – girls so little as to be invisible unless right in front of the car. For a full week, I saw them selling tissues in the same spot, and every day I could …

Rana Allam

The forgotten plight of the girl combat soldier

By Dr Cesar Chelala For the past few decades girls have become unwilling warriors or sex partners for soldiers throughout the world. It is estimated that, between 1990 and 2003, girls as young as 13 served in military and paramilitary groups in 55 countries and participated in armed conflict in 38 of those countries. At …

Daily News Egypt

Educate girls to alleviate poverty

By Dr Cesar Chelala  Inequality and unequal access to education holds millions of girls and women back across the world. While the “gender gap” in education has narrowed over the past decade, girls are still at a disadvantage, particularly in getting access to high school education. And women still constitute two-thirds of the world’s illiterate …

Daily News Egypt

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