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Ministry of Investment is willing to divert grey economy into formal economy (file photo) KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images

Top 10 global countries in producing gold ore : Egypt out of scene

1. China – 426 tonnes For many years China has been the top producing nation, accounting for 13% of global mine production. Production fell by 6% last year due to escalated efforts by the government to fight pollution and raise environmental awareness. 2. Australia – 295.1 tonnes Although gold production increased 5 tonnes from the …

Daily News Egypt

Warsaw and Budapest go nuts for gold

When Hungary and Poland upped their gold reserves recently, some asked what it might indicate about confidence — or lack thereof — in the global economy. But with gold prices low, was it just a simple market calculation?Poland increased its gold reserves for the first time in over two decades this summer, with Hungary's central …

Deutsche Welle

‘Water wins over gold’ in El Salvador mining ban

El Salvador’s Parliament has approved a law banning all metal mining projects. The measure aims to protect the impoverished Central American nation’s environment – but critics fear it could hurt the economy.The original legend of El Dorado, originating with an indigenous tribe in Colombia, is actually about a person covered in gold. But the first …

Deutsche Welle

Fatma Omar wins gold in World Weightlifting Championship

Egyptian weightlifter Fatma Omar, 43, with the Egyptian weightlifting national team won the World Weightlifting Championship with a gold medal in the 61kg division in Dubai. Omar hit the record number 135.5. She left her studies to dedicate to sports and since 1997 she won receive several medals and achieved several records through national tournaments

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