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50%, increase in consumer consumption of goods in Ramadan: Ministry of Supply

Egypt’s Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Aly El Meselhi said in a television interview that the volume of consumer’s consumption of food commodities during Ramadan is 50% higher than other months. Manufacturers and traders are achieving high profits in this Holy month, despite of the large price cuts such as extreme discounts of up …

Nehal Samir

Dr.WEEE: Egypt’s latest vision for e-waste management

Maybe it’s broken and cannot be fixed. Maybe it costs more to maintain than to replace. Or maybe it’s just old and you have bought a newer model. Either way, what do you do with electrical and electronic goods once you decide to get rid of them? Here comes Dr. WEEE, a company specialised in …

Hisham Salah

Al-Shaab Yaamor: an initiative for company marketing

The escalating price hikes are a hot debate in Egypt; citizens are expressing their frustration and worry following the successive price increases across all goods and commodities, especially food commodities, fruits, vegetables, and other durable goods. In light of the price hikes, Egyptian TV presenter Amr Adib proposed an initiative for companies to reduce their …

Shaimaa Al-Aees