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Despite COVID-19, governments uphold support for women’s health and rights

A year ago, at the landmark Nairobi Summit on ICPD25, the world came together to commit to ending preventable maternal death, the unmet need for contraception, and gender-based violence and harmful practices like child marriage and female genital mutilation, by 2030. At that Summit, more than 8,000 delegates from 170 countries made 1,250 financial and other commitments in support of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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Of change, business, and governments

Some decades ago, Bill Gates of Microsoft, during a visit to Georgetown University, pronounced that there was no need for his company to have a Washington office. Oh ye of little faith—today the firm has “seen the light” and supports a major operation in Washington, D.C. In order to learn we must understand the context …

Michael Czinkota

10 things you can do to protect the climate

With a new global agreement to guide governments toward climate protection, personal action is more important than ever. From riding your bike to shopping organic, here are some simple ways you can help save the climate. 1. Use less energy Most greenhouse gases are emitted by power plants, industry and traffic. By using energy efficiently, …

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Eastern EU countries complain about pipeline deal

Ten eastern European governments have sent a letter of complaint to the European Commission that called for a summit-level debate on Russia’s plans to extend its infrastructure for gas supplies to Germany. Since a group of western European companies signed an agreement with Gazprom in September on expanding the company’s Nord Stream pipeline to Germany, …

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Improved water and sanitation essential for global development

By Dr. Bjørn Lomborg There are plenty of things, which those of us lucky enough to live in the industrialised world take for granted; running water and flush toilets are among the most basic of these. 2.5 billion – almost half of the developing world – lack even a basic latrine, and 1 billion have to …

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