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Three graffiti artists arrested for drawing mural for Ahd El-Tamimi

Israeli authorities announced arresting three graffiti artists for drawing a giant Ahd El-Tamimi picture over the Israeli West Bank barrier, Egyptian state-owned media outlet Al-Ahram stated. The graffiti comes on the same day El-Tamimi was released from Israeli prisons after spending almost eight months for assaulting Israeli soldiers.  El-Tamimi, who has become a resistance icon …

Daily News Egypt

Graffiti vandals damage Rome frieze

A giant frieze depicting the history of Rome on the walls lining the River Tiber has been damaged by graffiti writers, to the dismay of its creator, William Kentridge.The South African artist said he was at a loss to understand why Rome authorities had not removed graffiti as soon it appeared along the bottom of …

Deutsche Welle

The art of French resistance

On murals and makeshift memorials, the French are responding to November’s deadly attacks in the French capital with graffiti, music and poetry – art that is helping a nation to heal. Elizabeth Bryant reports from Paris. Hours after the terrorist attacks, Patrick Jardry headed out with flowers and a few choice phrases from what he …

Deutsche Welle


In Pictures: Walls of Freedom documents Egyptian street art

Walls of Freedom, an upcoming book co-edited by Basma Hamdy and Don Karl, documents the rise of graffiti as a prominent platform for expression during the recent period in Egypt. The Daily News Egypt spoke to Hamdy about her work that chronicles this ever-changing art form, and the many projects and initiatives inspired by Egyptian …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: The collective shame of a massacre

Why does commemorating the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud massacre hurt? It’s a simple and valid question to ask in trying to better understand the deadly violence that broke out again on the clashes’ first anniversary and put things in context. I believe that what makes such a massacre special and different from other ones committed …

Fady Salah