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Petroleum ministry proposes petrochemical projects worth $540m to UAE

Egypt has proposed three petrochemical projects to the UAE for a total investment of $540m, according to a senior official at the Ministry of Petroleum. The projects included establishing a factory to produce bio-ethanol from molasses, the output of which would reach 100,000 tonnes of molasses annually, with investment in the project totalling $250m. The …

Mohamed Adel

The ballot box and the banks

In the wake of the contentious ousting, debate over the nature of what has past must come to an end in time to move successfully into the future. In the meantime, the west waffles over Egypt while the Gulf has wasted no time making its position clear.

Rasheed Hammouda

Review: Commentaries advise government to prioritise duties

Columnists condemn the poor performance of Hesham Qandil’s government in the wake of a series of sad incidents that took place last week.  Some writers are asking the cabinet to pay extra attention to the basic needs of the poor, instead of focusing on endless internal political disputes.   What does the poor want from …

Daily News Egypt

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