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Greece expects tourism record for 2017

A record number of tourist visitors in 2016 was not enough, but it did certainly do the country good. As the 2017 tourist season starts, the industry is banking on an even better year.The tourist season in the old harbour of Skopelos island off Greece’s eastern coast is starting, as it often does, in a …

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Greece beats creditor’s primary surplus target for 2016

Debt-laden Greece far exceeded its international creditors’ demands for budget savings last year, outstripping even the target for 2017, and presenting a strong case for unlocking more bailout funds.In 2016, the cash-strapped eurozone country spent 6.9 billion euros ($7.38 billion) less than it earned, boosting its so-called primary budget surplus – excluding interest payments on …

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EEHC, Euro Africa Company sign MoU to conduct a feasibility study to link Egypt, Cyprus, Greece

The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Euro Africa Company to conduct a feasibility study to implement an electricity project that would connect Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus. Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker explained that the MoU includes a feasibility study that will determine the future steps that will be …

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The color of cities

A German researcher journeyed from Norway to Greece, visiting 22 cities to find out if there’s such a thing as a “color character” of a city – and if so, how does it affect us?

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ECB lends a helping hand to Greece

Greek’s ailing banks will be given access to the European Central Bank’s refinancing program. The move brings Greece closer to financial normalization, a gift for its compliance in passing tough austerity measures.

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News consumption in a digital world

Trust in news is highest in Finland and lowest in Greece, a new report on digital news consumption by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism finds. And news via social media is all the rage.

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The new Greek reform package explained

Greek lawmakers have voted to overhaul the country’s tax and pension systems. The reforms are deeply unpopular, as Athens will be reaching deeper into the pockets of ordinary Greeks. Here’s a look at what got passed.

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