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Fraport to manage 14 Greek airports

German airport operator Fraport and a Greek partner company owned by one of Greece’s biggest business magnates are to manage 14 airports in Greece under contract to the Greek government. Some details remain sketchy. A consortium majority-owned by Fraport, Germany’s biggest airport operating company, and minority-owned by Greek conglomerate Copelouzos Group, announced on Monday it …

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Shut off from the Balkan route, asylum seekers flood into Athens

Athens has become the new center of Europe’s migration crisis after receiving more than 2,300 asylum seekers in the space of two days. They had been evicted from the Macedonian border on Wednesday. The mass relocation, coupled with a daily flow of new arrivals from the Greek islands, has left humanitarian aid workers scrambling for space and supplies to house an unprecedented influx of people to the capital

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Greeks clear border of refugees

Greek riot police removed asylum-seekers from the Idomeni refugee camp, a site of much despair and chaos since Balkan nations began filtering refugees by nationality. Diego Cupolo reports from Idomeni, Greece. After nearly three weeks of protests and routine riots, 2,000 asylum-seekers were evicted from an encampment on the Greek-Macedonian border and sent back to …

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The Siemens affair: Lost in translation

In Greece, a corruption trial against former Siemens executives and others employed by the corporation has gotten off to a slow start. The defendants have been accused of bribery and money laundering. On Friday, the first official day of proceedings, Judge Sotiris Tsiberis announced that the corruption trial against Siemens in Greece would begin in …

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Greek slump accelerating again

The economic downturn in debt-laden Greece appears to have accelerated again, revised figures by the country’s statistics office show, in spite of a record tourism year and massive financial assistance from the EU. On Friday, Greece’s state statistics agency, Elstat, drastically revised downwards the economy’s third-quarter contraction to 0.9 percent, from 0.5 percent previously. “These …

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Greece braces for next general strike

As thousands of Greek pensioners demonstrated in central Athens on Thursday against cuts demanded under an international bailout, the public sector union called its second nationwide anti-austerity strike in under a month

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Greece paralyzed by austerity strikes

A massive general strike brought Greece to a standstill on Thursday, as tens of thousands of people protested spending cuts pushed through by the country’s leftist government in exchange for European bailout money. Feeling betrayed by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who was elected on an anti-austerity ticket, Greek unions launched a 24-hour strike, shutting …

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Greeks start general strike over austerity

Greeks have walked off the job to protest austerity measures the southern eurozone nation has to endure as a trade-off for a third bailout granted by international lenders. Required reforms have not gone down well. Greece’s largest private and public-sector unions on Thursday kicked off a general strike against fresh austerity measures, marking the first …

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Greek bailout tranche delayed as Athens fails to deliver

Greece has been denied the next tranche in its bailout after eurozone finance ministers said Athens had not delivered on a series of reforms to unlock the latest provision under the debt rescue package. Greece was denied its next bailout tranche of 2 billion euros ($2.1 billion) Monday, after eurozone finance ministers said the country …

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Ferry strike in Greece

Seafarers are going on strike in Greece during the first week of November. This will also affect tourists who want to use a ferry. Further strikes could disrupt services in other tourism sectors too. Dockworkers and sailors plan to strike starting on Monday November 2 at 5 a.m. for 48 hours. This was announced by …

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In Pictures: Syrian refugees’ transit in Greece

By Maydaa Abo El-Nadar Due to its geographical position, Greece is one of the countries in the middle of the Syrian refugees’ crisis.  Athens is the refugees’ lifeline to reach other countries that welcome them, such as Germany. Their journey to Athens starts mainly from Turkey passing through the Greek islands including Lesvos, Chios, Samos, …

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Remote Greek village becomes doorway to Europe

At Greece’s northern border, a tiny settlement is the final stop in the country for hundreds of thousands of refugees on their way to Europe. Omaira Gill reports from Idomeni, population 154. Idomeni is a small village sitting within comfortable walking distance of Greece’s border with Macedonia. The 2011 census put its population at just …

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Greece increases entry fees for historic monuments

If you plan to visit archaelogical sites in Greece next year, expect to pay more. It will soon cost 20 euros to visit the Acropolis and other famous sites in Athens, instead of the current 12 euros. Entry fees will also be increased for other places of historical interest. A ticket to enter Knossos, the …

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Refugee crisis puts Athens on the brink

The flow of refugees through Greece is greater than ever, but bad weather and border closures threaten to strand thousands and stretch coping mechanisms beyond control. Pavlos Zafiropoulos reports from Athens. “The road was like a river. I saw babies ready to be swept away,” Maria Galinou of the Greek branch of the Salvation Army …

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Tsipras: A second chance

Left-wing party leader Alexis Tsipras’ victory in Greece’s general elections was surprisingly clear. He has announced that he will continue to govern with right-wing populists ANEL as his coalition partner. Before midnight, the ex-prime minister – and now premier-elect – appeared in front of his supporters in the center of Athens to : Despite empty …

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EU relaxed about Greek elections

Six weeks after settling a third bailout package, Brussels’ attention to Greece has waned, even as Sunday’s vote looms. Everyone hopes that a new government will implement the aid program without any more conflicts. For about half a year, meetings of eurozone finance ministers took place under the spell of the “G-word.” Yet Greece was …

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IMF changing tack on Greece

Latin Americans and Asians are happy that they do not need the help of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But, Europe can no longer function without it. What’s behind the IMF’s interest in Greece?

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