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Going green: a look at Germany’s Energiewende

“Energiewende” is Germany’s energy transition policy, marking a shift from coal and nuclear towards green power sources. The project has divided voters over rising costs and negligible benefits for the environment.The promise was sweet: Germany’s transition towards a low-carbon society would cost the average household no more than 1 euro ($1.1) per month, “the price …

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5 ideas for a greener Christmas

If you think a merry Christmas can’t be environmentally friendly too, think again. Here are a few simple things you can do to make your holiday season a little greener. Happy holidays!

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The McB organic hamburger: green or greenwashing?

In Germany, McDonald’s has released its first organic hamburger – in response to popular demand, the company says. The product has been criticized, but it could help promote organic agriculture. And, how does it taste? The burger, which hit stores on October 1, is available only in Germany, and only for seven weeks. It features …

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From toys to turbines: Lego branches out into wind energy

Danish toy manufacturer Lego has inaugurated a wind farm off the coast of Germany. In an interview with DW, Lego’s CEO talks about the company’s efforts to run off 100 percent renewable energy – and otherwise go green. On Friday (09.10.2015), the Lego Group – together with two partners – inaugurated an offshore wind farm …

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The deadly price of environmental activism

Since the start of this year in Guatemala, nine activists opposing megaprojects have been killed, a recent report says. Green activists in Latin America and Asia continue to pay for resistance with their lives. Nine activists have been killed since the beginning of 2015 in Guatemala, mainly in indigenous communities opposed to infrastructure and mining …

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