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Greenpeace urges higher tax on German diesel

Environmental group Greenpeace has demanded an end to lower taxes for diesel. The call comes after a study showed higher measurements of pollutants in a number of German cities. Greenpeace said the financial privileges enjoyed by diesel were no longer sustainable, citing its own survey of public opinion. While diesel engines generally have lower carbon …

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Greenpeace outlines plans for German coal exit

Greenpeace is serious about acquiring coal mines and power plants owned by Swedish utility Vattenfall in eastern Germany. But the environmentalists don’t want to pay anything. The operations, they say, are worthless. As the third-largest energy producer in Germany, Vattenfall looks for a way out of the coal business – Greenpeace is looking for a …

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Greenpeace stages novel Arctic drilling blockade

It looks like a daring test or some attempt to break a record – but it is actually a Greenpeace protest. Near Portland, 13 climbers are dangling from a bridge to stop controversial oil drilling in the Arctic. As the Arctic ice melts, oil companies like Shell want to look for new oil and gas …

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Greenpeace expressed its concern towards the Egyptian government’s “scandal” over its use of genetically modified (GM) crops. The group said the “The Egyptian people are entitled to know” about the crops as they could pose damage to non-GM crops (AFP Photo)

Greenpeace denounces Egypt’s use of GM plantations

Greenpeace voiced their concern over inconsistencies between the findings in a report published by The International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA) and official statement’s made by the Ministry of Agriculture over their use of GM crops

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