Latest in Tag: Guilty Highlight

Latest in Tag: Guilty

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate with a side of remorse

During the Easter season people around the world will celebrate by consuming millions of chocolate bunnies and eggs. But where does all this chocolate come from? Hint: It’s not really the Easter Bunny.The world’s sweet tooth keeps getting sweeter. Though demand for chocolate in emerging countries is not growing as analysts had hoped, the rest …

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Arish women protest death penalty imposed on husbands

 By Nasser Elazazy Dozens of women and their children continued protesting Saturday in front of Al-Refai mosque against the death penalty verdict imposed their husbands and fathers. The 14 men, members of the radical Tawheed and jihad group, were sentenced to death Monday by Ismailia’s criminal court. The sentenced men included eight members who escaped …

Daily News Egypt

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