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Latest in Tag: gulf

Mork Trading Inc markets Egyptian nuts in Gulf

Al-Faris pointed out that Mork has participated in the last three sessions of the Food Africa exhibition, which is held in Cairo, and will be participating in the current session of the Gulfood exhibition in Dubai to market its nut products.

Selim Hassan

Iran under accusations of Gulf of Oman tankers’ attack

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) said on Friday that its chemical tanker Kokuka Courageous, which was attacked in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, is being towed toward Khor Fakkan, in the UAE, with its crew back onboard.   In a statement, the BSM said that the Kokuka Courageous “was now undertow and headed toward Khor …

Mohammed El-Said

Catastrophe of the century

We are in a time of no rules and no politics. The whole world is like a cat that fell into a basket full of strings. The more it tries to get out of it, the more complicated it becomes. We have small and medium international interest groups in the Arab region, which increases the …

Abdallah Al-Moghazy