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Latest in Tag: hackers

Cybersecurity transformation in 2019 and beyond

I’d like to tell you a short story. When working with a client on its security provision, we discovered that it had only devoted 4% of its total IT budget to cybersecurity. “Let’s develop a solution with this 4%,” said the client. It was only at that moment that I realized that cybersecurity is often …

Alexander Moiseev

Hackers attack targets in Middle East through Google Drive via Excel documents

Researchers at 360’s Threat Intelligence Centre (360 TIC) identified attacks carried out by a group called DarkHydrus advanced persistent threat (APT), against targets in the Middle East of political value, luring them with Excel documents laced with malicious VBA code (macro). Macro are disabled by default in the Microsoft Office suite for security reasons, and …

Ahmed Lamloum

Internet cables for adsl users

Hackers stole $6 million in Russia bank attack via SWIFT system

Russia’s central bank has admitted that hackers targeted a computer at one of its lenders and transferred a large sum of cash. They used the SWIFT payment system, which helps to move trillions of dollars each day.Unknown hackers stole 339.5 million roubles ($6 million, €4.8 million) from a Russian bank using the global payment network …

Deutsche Welle

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